20 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You, YOU WILL SURPRISED AT #14 !!!


all pregnant women plays role in having responsible to help promote baby’s growth and development in a healthy environment. thus here are lists of do’s and don’ts you must aware of during pregnancy .


1.consume ample amount of multivitamin.

by consuming a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals was the best way to supply your body with important healthy nutrients for healthy development of your baby.
however with just healthy diet alone was not enough especially for pregnancy .
this is why the prenatal vitamins often you prescribed by pregnancy doctor can help to supply high nutrients needs for expectant mothers such as folic acid,calcium, iron ,DHA and EPA .
these vitamins and mineral ensure your baby’s healthy body development and prevent from birth defects.
your doctor can help you find a multivitamin or a series of vitamins that are best for you.
even though it is important but do not overdose the vitamins amounts ,since that can harm your baby.

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